Ayudando Guardians   

Ayudando was created due to the enormous need for guardians and conservators in the State of New Mexico. The company began with two nurses and a medical records expert in 2004. This team had greater than twenty years experience in healthcare services.

As a provider for the State of New Mexico, Veterans and private individuals, Ayudando employs an experienced team of licensed social workers and rehabilitation specialists. This diverse group is able to assist our clients with their everyday needs as well as providing assistance in managing their financial needs.

  Making Sound Choices  
  Guardianships and Conservatorship proceedings are necessary when the Court must assume responsibility for the affairs of an individual who can no longer make safe or sound decisions about his/her person and/or property. The procedings can be very emotional, especially when an aging family member is involved. At Ayudando Guardians we understand that because of the potential legal and personal consequences, this particular proceeding requires a special level of sensitivity and compassion.  
  The Role of the Care Advocate  
  Personal Assistance  
  While the professional care advocate does not take the place of a family member, Ayudando Guardians seeks to form a bond with the individual needing assistance. As the court appointed guardian, Ayudando aids in the decision-making process with respect to issues such as the selection of the caretaker, in-home care, and other services. Ayudando acts as the liaison - making all the necessary phone calls and contacts.  
  Assistance with Property and Financial Affairs  
  Ayudando Guardians assures that the funds that belong to the individual remain the property of that person. As the estate conservator, Ayudando acts on behalf of the individual to the extent of the persons' assets.  
  A Built-in Support System - A Network of Care. . .  
  Ayudando Guardians is a licensed full service support network committed to meeting the wishes and desires of those with medical needs and those who require assistance with their financial affairs.  
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