The process is basically the same as guardianship. A petition is filed by the petitioning attorney and a Guardian et Litem and court visitor are assigned.

Once the process is complete it is the responsibility of the Conservator to:

1. Locate and manage the Conservatee’s finances.
2. Assure the Conservatee’s bills are paid.
3. Investing monies with the best interest of the client.
4. Assure property, both personal and real, are safe.
5. Ensure Conservatee is receiving all the income and benefits they are entitled to.
6. File taxes in a timely manner.

There are many reasons why a conservator is needed. For example, the Conservatee may not be able to keep track of his or her own money, or may not remember to pay bills. He or she may be giving away large sums of money to strangers or spending large amounts of money on sweepstakes or lotteries. He or she may need help managing investments.

The conservator is expected to act wisely and for the good of the person who needs assistance.



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