Guardianship and Conservatorship is a judicial procedure allowing for a service to make day to day life decisions as well as financial decisions for those who are no longer capable or choose not to make decisions for themselves.  
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  VA Fiduciary  
  Ayudando serves many veterans with their financial decision making that best meet the need for that veteran.  
  (Learn more about Veterans Administration Fiduciaries)   
  Representative Payee  
  Representative Payee is a service provided to those that are on Social Security or Medicaid. This service manages their finances to ensure their day to day living needs are met.  
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  Power of Attorney - Healthcare and Financial  
  Power of Attorney that does not require going through the judiciary process. The power of attorney can be for healthcare and/or financial decisions.  
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  Non-Profit Pool Trust  
  This pool trust is for those seeking to have monies secured in a trust with or without activity. Also for those with special needs to prevent loss of Medicaid benefits.  
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  Ayudando Guardians accepts donations for those clients in need of clothing, housing, furniture and other items that they may be in need of.  
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